Thursday, 26 March 2015

Begin Again

It begins again with us in tears, blustery emotions surfacing, bigger than me, tangling me, braiding me with joy and sorrow and peace each pulled sweet across the last. We four have multiplied, doubled ourselves in our writing, made marvelous octagonal stories in which time herself seemed to forget her purpose and stood still for the sheer pleasure of eavesdropping.
You offered us the shy smile of a brand new moon. And the vision of a barrow of jonquils being pushed like a cart of gold through Essaouira's cobbled streets. Behind us seagulls swarm over the cliffs, bolster the air with their fishhead cries, and land back on the balustrade beside us, bouncing on their yellow feet.
You came wanting your mouths never to be bored. I offered you blue gods reeking of olives. You came wanting a gorgeous injection of life and energy into your work. I offered you the buddha dance on a day of Happiness. You came open to everything. I showed you what it is like to love a thief.
What have we learned? that dreams reveal what we need to know. That what we share is always miraculous and that whatever happens next there will always be beginnings.
The sea itself, loaded with silver light, foams in appreciation.

the copyright of this post belongs to Claire Steele

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