Thursday, 26 January 2012

Magical Journeys

Magical Journeys: Creative Writing Retreats in the Sun 2012
Join us in 2012 for two more amazing magical writing journeys

Morocco 20th-27th March 2012: A week’s retreat in the beguiling 18th
century fishing port of Essaouira - beautiful, mellow and full of vibrant
Turkey 3rd-10th May 2012: A week’s retreat in the heart of Istanbul.
Bursting with story and richly textured with historical and cultural
diversity, Turkey offers a completely unique writing experience.

These retreats offer a revelatory week of creative pleasures. If you
seek peace, space and some inspiration to rekindle the creative
process, these retreats are designed to be both vibrant and uplifting.
Complementing the writing workshops are lazy lunches in the cafes
and squares, convivial evening meals in a variety of restaurants, and
visits to local sights. You will have the time and opportunity to expand
your creative life and explore your astounding imaginative potential.
Morning writing workshops are held on roof-terraces, in pavement cafes
and in simple sunlit salons. The rest of the day is free for you to browse
through the markets, soak up the sun, or indulge yourself in a spa. One-to-one supervision is available throughout the week. All sessions are
optional so you are free to write as much or as little as you wish.

"Spices, minarets and silk carpets inspired our writing under the
guiding hand of our wonderful teacher, Claire. Yet again she managed
to take us all on a magical journey from which we were reluctant to
return" Helen
“Our trip to Turkey was sensational and how we laughed. Claire
planned every detail. We didn't have to worry about a thing except to
be at the appointed place in time to write. And write we did - for she
even carried a surplus of pens and laughter in her bag. We came
home with reams and reams of inspired writing. It truly was a remarkable
writing holiday.” Cath
“What a creative, fabulous, relaxing, happy time we had.” Mary
“Inspired creative teaching full of vigour,touching undiscovered talents
and opening new doors. It was a sensual, exotic and breathtaking
injection of Arabic warmth, a cradle for new friendships formed and old
ones affirmed. This is a journey which truly beckons your
soon as possible!” Lesley
“It is a taste of renewal in a creative and nurturing atmosphere, where
fun and laughter surrounds the whole group”. Valerie
If you are would like to book either of these weeks please contact me at

Creativity is the defeat of habit
by originality
writing is a
journey of startling discovery

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